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Company name: Colin Samuels Photographe

Description: Welcome to my photos. I was born in London, just after the Summer of Love, raised in New York City and spent several formative years in the Americas before making the French Alps my home. I specialize in photographing adventure sports, outdoor exploration, natural beauty and other inspiring subjects. My collaborations have encompassed outdoor companies, magazines and newspapers, graphic design and publishing firms, stock and advertising agencies, music festivals, tourist boards, and non-profits. Highlights of my professional career include the Olympic Games, numerous ski and climbing explorations in the Alps, Andes and Arctic, World Cup Downhill events, stadium rock concerts and intimate music festivals. It has been a rewarding 30 years of professional activity, and I am excited about the unknown turns ahead. May you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed creating them.. Colin SAMUELS, La Grave, 05320, France

  La Grave

05320 La Grave, France

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