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Zakk Cano

7 Jun 2020, 10:47 a.m.

Digital Marketing: Three Universal Email Marketing Rules

Most businesses now appreciate the importance of a solid digital marketing strategy. Of course, this will often include email marketing. However, there is a right and wrong way to send marketing emails, so this article aims to provide some tips to get it right.

1. Send emails only to those who opt-in

The subject of this article is related to email marketing rather than cold emailing, so you only want to send messages to those who have already opted in. Of course, this is extremely important because you don't want to be reported as a spammer or be sending messages to those who don't want them.

Remember, despite what you might hear, quality is much more important than pure volume. You want your customers to be engaged with your email content, so they interact with your business. There are also certain legal requirements you must adhere to, which also means you must unsubscribe customers from your email marketing campaigns upon request.

2. Get the balance right with your subject line

It can be tricky to strike the right balance with your subject line. Of course, you want it to be engaging enough to encourage your customers to open your email. However, don't lose sight of the need to provide accurate information and protect the reputation of your company; what this means in essence is to be careful of misleading subject lines.

If you promise something in the subject line that the email doesn't deliver on, next time the same customer may ignore your email or even unsubscribe from your list. If in doubt on this, remember it's better to under-deliver on your subject line and overdeliver with your content, than the other way around.

3. Be personable with your email

In a world where customers have their inboxes flooded with new emails every day, it can help to stand out a little. Brands have different ways of doing this, and the size of the business can play a part here as well. Keep in mind though, a small business can often connect with customers better than larger brands, so use this to your advantage if this applies to you.

For example, you can address your emails from a named person that might even be the owner of the business. Customers often want to interact with brands, but this can be hard through a generic sales-based or marketing email. So why not provide the opportunity for customers to respond directly to you? Opening up this dialogue may lead to your next sale. You can also tailor your marketing efforts to customers' individual needs.

Most firms appreciate the need to have a robust digital marketing strategy, and email marketing is often central to that. However, there are some rules to follow for email marketing to achieve the best success, and this article has taken a look at some of them. Remember to only email those who have asked for it, get the balance right with your subject line and to be personable.

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