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This Charity Companies Email List provides an extensive list of UK-based charities and non-profit organizations. It includes contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses, of 7998 companies. This list is ideal for lead generation, marketing campaigns, and outreach programs. It is an invaluable resource for businesses and organizations looking to reach out to these charities and non-profits. It can also be used by individuals to learn more about charities and organizations in the UK that they may be interested in supporting. With this list, businesses and organizations can quickly and easily target their desired audience for outreach and marketing purposes.

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it contains all information that I need. the price is great too. Thanks a lot
Thank you
it seems like it mostly has companies based in london. there are some scottish companies but not enough for my purpose, got a refund
Good quality email list. I had bad experince with other providr but here I got very high conversion out of my emails
My old mac is freezing when I am trying to open the file but on PC everything is ok. Great database for email marketing
great product

Top categories

The most frequent categories in the list

  • Charity
  • Non-profit organization
  • Non-governmental organization
  • Community center
  • Association or organization
  • Thrift store
  • Volunteer organization
  • Youth organization
  • Church
  • Mental health service

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Charity Companies Mailing List

Charity companies email list could be a useful tool for businesses looking to create meaningful relationships with charitable organizations. By having access to this list, businesses can reach out to charities to discuss potential collaborations. This could include ways to donate to the charity, ways to help with their mission, or how to get involved with their activities. Additionally, businesses could use the list to research potential partners before committing to a partnership.

In addition to reaching out to charities, businesses could also use the charity companies email list to target potential customers. By sending emails to people who have already demonstrated an interest in charity work, businesses can create a more personal connection and increase the chances of converting leads. Moreover, businesses can use the email list to inform their customers about upcoming charity activities and events. This could help increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Finally, businesses can use the charity companies email list to find out about new opportunities for giving. By researching the charities on the list, businesses can discover new causes to support and new ways to contribute. This could help businesses create a more positive image and help them create a more meaningful relationship with the charity.


We provide a high-quality charity companies mailing list that can be used for electronic marketing and generating new leads for your business. We update our lists constantly by researching information from various web resources and it is highly unlikely that you get outdated information.

All our records were meticulously verified and updated using the latest information that is available on companies' websites. It ensures that we have the most accurate and up-to-date data.