Ballyrogan House

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Company name: Ballyrogan House

Description: A family of professional artists; Mum - Attracta , Dad - Andrew & Daughter - Sarah . Each with their own ambitions, areas of expertise and experiences. This group has many years of experience both in the private and public areas of practise and each have a Bachelor's Degree in their respective fields. They have a consistent friendly competitive bond within the Art World but ultimately nourish and support each other. It is always a pleasure when they are able to come together to show their newest works. Ballyrogan House is a 500 year old farm house in Co. Wicklow; it contains out buildings which were developed into a dwelling house with several studios and living quarters. Ballyrogan House has been developed from its foundation into an ongoing art process where the core has been architecturally and artistically established. From this, Ballyrogan Artists has evolved as a collaboration of a range of different disciplinary based artistic people whose backgrounds range across music, literature and visual art. Founded in 1979 by artist Andrew Manson who bought the site, Ballyrogan House evolved organically as an artist based collective from 1981, when a group of artists came together to produce works of art and help construct Ballyrogan House as a habitable space.


Ballyrogan House, Ballyrogan Upper, Redcross, Co. Wicklow, A67 XE70, Ireland

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