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Company name: The Soni Law Firm PLLC

Description: With over ten years of experience practicing law, Pritesh Soni focuses on helping individuals, businesses, non-profits, and other institutions with issues related to employment, commercial transactions, consumer protection, and intellectual property. He has successfully helped employees in wrongful termination cases, employers in discrimination lawsuits, individuals in consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices claims, small businesses in contract and trade secret disputes, and companies in patent infringement cases. As a solo practitioner, he personally undertakes the representation and is responsible for communicating, strategizing, and litigating each case for each client. Therefore, they do female viagra pill not provide a valid address to their customers. There are four classes which are defined by their mechanism of action, safety and effectiveness. buy cialis generic cialis the active ingredient Tadalafil. It is one among the best treatments of erectile viagra generico uk dysfunction. Evidence for the clock: Researchers know that metabolism and prescription canada de cialis the biological clock are connected. He has obtained verdicts ranging from a million plus dollar award for a petroleum company in a breach of contract and fraud case involving the sale of illegal Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) to a multi-thousand dollar award for a consumer who deceptively and fraudulently foreclosed on by an auto mechanic. In addition, he has obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements for business partners denied their rightful share of profits and proceeds in co-owned businesses, consumers that were duped into buying shoddy products and services, and companies whose trade secrets and patent rights were being misappropriated and infringed.


1601 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006, United States

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