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Company name: EP Films

Description: Your wedding will be unique in every aspect. You want a storyteller by your side the entire day not just a videographer. There is a great love story to be captured the day of your wedding— how you met each other, a funny story about how he asked for your phone number, a gift from mom that makes you remember a special moment, that small photo on your bouquet of a special loved one that you want to honor. Your uniquely captured story should make you feel great emotion every time you replay your wedding day. We believe that every detail counts when it comes to delivering these moments of great emotion, and we believe in timeless film making not just the trend of the moment. Just think of this— after the big day is done, the dance floor is empty, the ceremony is over, the tears dry up and the dress gets stored away— what is left?… Only the memories and your wedding day video! 98% of the brides that didn’t have a cinematographer for their wedding regret that decision, at EPF we are a team of passionate storytellers! We are detail oriented, and experts at what we do, with over 750 documented weddings we have learned one thing: WE DON'T GET TO REDO A WEDDING so we prepare for every possible situation to capture that first kiss, those tears from your mom when you say your vows and his look when he sees you for the first time. Lets create magic together and make every moment of your wedding count!

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