Wisconsin Institute of East-West Wellness

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Company name: Wisconsin Institute of East-West Wellness

Description: We are accepting application form for 2022 now!!! A accredited institute will teach you 20 course and 18 different massage styles. We promise that your dream will become true!!! We offer online classes and in-person classes both are available. Wisconsin Institute of East-West Wellness is passtionate in empowering each student to become qualified massage therapist in Wisconsin, Illinois and other states. by providing professional hands-on training in a supportive, diverse, and ethical environment. Instructors teach both Asian traditional massage techniques and western massage techniques. They are all PhD and over 15 years experience in this field. our institute will teach students about 20 courses and 18 different type of massages. We teach students of Arthritis, severe headache, neck nodules, shoulder nodules, low back pain, reflexology, chest pain, abdominal pain and nausea, knee's pain, dizziness, legs swelling, anxiety and depression, inflammatory bowel disease techniques, lymphatic drainage techniques to release whole body toxins, breast cancer techniques and etc.


2222 Roosevelt Rd, Kenosha, WI 53143, United States

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  +1 262-748-2852